Let's "face" it, when the unexpected happens, Celine Dion delivers!

During a meet and greet session with Celine backstage before one of her Las Vegas shows, a man got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend named Austin McMillan. The groom-to-be gave Celine no warning that this was his plan and pictures captured the superstar's startling and amazing reaction.

It's possibly the best unexpected photobomb ever.

In one image, Celine is genuinely stunned.

"When @celinedion is just as shocked as you are at your PROPOSAL !!! 💍😱💗," Austin captioned the incredible images. "There are no words to describe this moment! what i thought was just going to be a special night seeing my favorite performer turned out to be a night filled with so much happiness, surprise & celebration with everyone we love & even ended with donuts and ice cream so idk how it could get better! i get to marry the man of my dreams & grow old with my best friend 👴❤️👵 God's timing is so perfect. nothing could be better than this!!"

Celine is, of course, the main attraction anywhere she goes nearly 100 percent of the time, but considering that she went from music legend to simple witness with a drop of a knee, she may have suddenly felt, ahem, all by herself.

A second image even captured a better image of Celine in which she can be seen in shock and not really believing that this moment just happened in front of her. Her hands are thrown in the air as the two lovebirds share a kiss.

"@celinedion is about the only person i wouldn't mind photobombing the pictures of our proposal 😍💍," Austin said of the second image. "I'm still floating around in the clouds over here feeling like it's a dream!! my heart is so happy!! what a dream come true."

How many times in your life do you meet Celine Dion backstage and it's not even the overall top highlight of your evening? Well, as they say, that's the power of love.