It's definitely still on!

Britney Spears and her model boyfriend Sam Asghari spent some downtime together over the weekend, posting a silly video of themselves rocking out to "Mi Gente" by J. Balvin and Willy William on Instagram.

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"Me and my boyfriend @samasghari," Brit wrote on one post.

In Sam's version of the same multi-color filter clip, he gushed, "Her smile makes me crazy ❤️ @britneyspears."

At one point in the silly post, Britney's attempt to execute a dance move with her hands and bopping head ends in, well, something less than pro-looking. "I'm horrible at this! I can't do it!" she says before breaking out into laughter.

Britney, 35, and Sam, 23, met last year on the set of her "Slumber Party" video. As she recalled in a radio interview in January, it wasn't exactly instant love.

"We were doing the scene where I was doing the walk scene through the hall to go through the door to go to the bedroom, and we were sitting there and waiting and waiting together for like 20 minutes at a time," she said on AMP 103.7.

Since they were stuck on set together, she said, "We were forced to talk to each other."

"He knows my name but be doesn't really know me as a person, and I have no idea who the hell he is, and we were just talking," she recalled.

"It was not even like a serious thing. It was like we're just having a conversation to get through the experience."

They apparently enjoyed chatting though, because Sam gave Britney his contact info.

"I kept his number, and it was so weird because it was like five months later that I found his number in my bag," she said. "I was like 'He was really cute. This guy was really cute!' so then I called him. He is just a really fun, funny person."

Fast forward a few months and the couple can't seem to get enough of each other. Sam traveled to see her in Japan on tour earlier this year and Sam shared more adorable posts from the trip, complete with lovey-dovey captions.

Unfortunately, I am [a hopeless romantic]," the singer said on the "Rove & Sam" radio show last year. "I've been through horrible relationships, but unfortunately I still believe in love. And you know, I think you should protect your heart and stuff like that. But yeah, I'm a hopeless romantic and I believe in love."