Dr. Mike, marry me?

That's the exact question you'll be asking after you check out Dr. Mike's Instagram. Named the "Sexiest Doctor Alive" in 2015 by People Magazine, Russian-born Mikhail Varshavski went viral for his "doctor.mike" Instagram account that is filled with photos of himself and his cute Husky named Roxy.

With his Dr. McDreamy good looks, it's no wonder why the 26-year-old second-year medical resident now has 1.6 million followers and recently signed with Abrams Artists Agency.

Although he has yet to address if he's currently single, a girl can dream! Wonderwall.com is bringing you the top 13 Instagrams where we just couldn't even handle how attractive Dr. Mike is.

Starting with this finger point, suddenly, it's okay to be pointed at. What's more is the caption he included that is actually inspirational. "Stop asking for success like it's a wish to be granted. Only person who can create success is YOU," he wrote.

But it's YOU, we want Dr. Mike!

The beach is calling our names.

"Pulling my best @jason_mraz impression 😝 Much needed vacation starts now 🎉 #miami," Dr. Mike captioned this one.

We don't need a Jason Mraz song! Just come to the office holiday party.

Awesome candid shot @ office holiday party 🎉🎄🎊 by @dvb250

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For his office holiday party, he was happy about this "awesome candid shot."

But the hot doc is just as happy when he's lounging on the couch and smiling for a selfie with Roxy.

Happy campers on my 1 day off this week 🐶 #husky #puppy

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Then there's this. We can't even!!

Lucky dog!

And he can crack open the champagne any day.

Champagne anyone? Happy birthday @mikefix 🎉🎉

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Because every day should be celebrated when you're this good looking.

But he doesn't need to always dress up. When he's wearing glasses and "nerded out and ready for the ER night shift" while holding a banana, our hearts still skip a beat.

All nerded out and ready for the ER night shift #bananaisamust

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Dr. Mike is not just trying to save lives. He's an artist.

He's a chef.

He's a body builder.

And he's there for his friends.

"A little Osteopathic cervical manipulation for my buddy," he wrote about this Instagram when he was poolside with his pal.

He's also a traveler. For his 26th birthday, he celebrated in Budapest and Zurich with a shirt that says, "Contentment."

We are more than just content over these photos of Dr. Mike so when he participated in a series of photos for dating app Coffee Meets Bagel's contest for charity, we couldn't believe this was a real question.

YES, Mike!

Coffee Meets Bagel gave members the chance to win an all-expense paid date with Dr. Mike when they donated $10 to charities that he chose. He picked the nonprofit he started, the Limitless Tomorrow Foundation, which offers financial assistance to students. For every $10, participants received 100 entries.

"When CMB originally reached out, I was quite skeptical about the idea of auctioning off myself on the Internet," Dr. Mike told Bustle. "However, as I got to know more about the app and how it works, I quickly became a fan. The idea of helping my new foundation, Limitless Tomorrow, get its feet of the ground through such a positive means was captivating. I thought of no better way to make use of my label as 'Sexiest Doctor Alive' from People Magazine (still shocking) than to raise money for charity by partnering with CMB."

A date with him is an auction to win, but this doctor has yet to find the one.

He told The Huffington Post earlier this year, "I'm actively looking for a serious relationship and surprisingly this fame has not made it simpler to find a compatible partner."

There's still hope!