Let's hope Anna Torv's real love life is simpler than her on-screen romances. The "Fringe" actress reportedly married her co-star Mark Valley, who plays her former partner and lover on the show, over the holidays. According to the LA Times' Dish Rag, a source on the set says that the couple had kept their relationship hush-hush, but since Valley is reportedly leaving the show, they shared their happy news with the cast and crew. Torv, 30, and Valley, 44, met on the set of "Fringe." Torv plays FBI Agent Olivia Dunham who had dated Agent John Scott (Valley), who later proved to be a traitor and an agent of the Pattern. Valley is best known as Brad Chase on "Boston Legal" and for starring on the short-lived "Keen Eddie." Torv is an Australian actress who co-starred as one half of a lesbian couple on "Mistresses," which will premiere on BBC America on Friday, Feb. 20.