David Blue, who's guest starred on "Moonlight" and "Ugly Betty," has enlisted into the "Stargate" franchise. He is one of four actors, including Justin Louis, Brian J. Smith and Jamil Walker Smith, who have signed on for Sci Fi Channel's new original series "Stargate Universe," according to The Hollywood Reporter. They will co-star opposite the previously cast Robert Carlyle. The series, the third one spun off from the 1994 movie, will center on a group of soldiers and civilians who are forced through the Stargate and find themselves on an ancient ship in deep space. Dr. Rush (Carlyle) will try to unlock the ship's mysteries and get the group home. Blue, who played the tech-obsessed vampire Logan on "Moonlight" and Marc's boyfriend Cliff on "Ugly Betty," will play Eli Wallace a mathematical genius/video game-playing slacker. Louis will play Col. Everett Young, an experienced Stargate team leader. Brian J. Smith will portray Lt. Mathew Scott, an untried junior member of the Stargate team who suddenly must become a leader, while Jamil Walker Smith will play the hot-headed Marine Sgt. Ronald Greer. The show will premiere with a two-hour movie this summer.