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Has "Slumdog Millionaire" actress Freida Pinto been hiding a secret husband?

According to The Daily Mail and many more India-based newspaper reports, the angelic-seeming ingenue was either engaged or secretly married to Rohan Antao, a 25-year-old marketing director in Mumbai, whom she first met when they were in college together. Antao supposedly aided Pinto in her modeling and acting career, helped develop her web site and even handled her publicity.

But now that the Indian beauty's career has skyrocketed, does she only have room in her life for one passion?

"At the moment, my profession dominates my life. Do you have any proof [about the marriage]? No one has the right to spoil my happiness," said Pinto.

When presented with her comments, Antao declared, "Let me speak with her. Has she really given this statement to the media? She could be talking about something else."

Clearly, Antao is going through the motions of a jilted lover: Shock, sadness, disbelief, and allegedly changing his Facebook status from "Engaged" to "Single" (we're guessing Facebook doesn't have a "Secretly Married" status option).

Meanwhile, we hope the fame vs. relationship gamble pays off for Pinto. If "Slumdog" ends up winning big on Sunday, Oscar may be the only man she needs in her life.