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Welcome to Wonderwall's 2009 Oscars Red Carpet Arrivals Liveblog. Below you'll find real time commentary on all the fashion, interviews and awkwardness of E!'s Red Carpet pre-show. So pull up a chair, pour yourselves some bubbly, and let's see who keeps things interesting! Check out all the photos in our red carpet arrivals gallery, and for more Oscars coverage head on over to MSN Movies.

5:30pm - Well that's it for us, folks. We hope you had fun. Keep up with the rest of the show with our friends over at the MSN Movies Oscars Blog!

5:27pm - Who are all these dorky civilian people? Where did all the celebrities go!?! This is seriously going to be the showtuniest Oscars ever.

5:22pm - Marisa Tomei looks like a hot Chinese hand-fan.

5:12pm - Mickey Rourke should get an award just for dragging the Al Bundy hand-in-pants move back into the mainstream.

5:06pm - Brangelina's red carpet interviews have devolved into Tim Gunn telling them how great they look, to which they laugh politely and walk away.

5:05pm - We think Frank Langella is going to get SO DRUNK AND ROWDY tonight!

5:04pm - Passive-aggressive red carpet guy to un-nominated arm candy Matthew Broderick: "Well, the Tony Awards are coming up soon."

5:00pm - Seacrest OUT! And he never ever got to talk to Brangelina. Poor guy. Okay, we're heading over to ABC.

4:57pm - TV Guide Network is talking to the real David Frost. The rumors are true: that guy is a serious swinger.

4:52pm - We hope that Kate Winslet has been studying flash cards so when she wins she'll remember that Leonardo DiCaprio is not her real husband.

4:50pm - Sometimes when Brangelina are walking the red carpet, we like to imagine what they might be thinking about. They're probably trying to remember whether or not they set their TiVos.

4:48pm - Is Marisa Tomei also getting married tonight?

4:44pm - OMG! It's BRANGELINA!!!!! It's Defcon-4, people, this thing just got REAL!

4:41pm - Someday in the future, we're all going to look back to tonight as the night that Philip Seymour Hoffman made it okay to wear skull-caps to the Oscars.

4:30pm - Josh Brolin just said he's like to portray Ryan Seacrest in his next movie. How hilarious would a tough-guy "Seacrest The Barbarian" be?

4:27pm - Beyonce somehow managed to make a dress out of Elvis' old curtains from Graceland?

4:25pm - Why would Mickey Rourke wear a tie when he's got a necklace with a picture of his dog and a nicely tanned chest?

4:19pm - The newly trim Seth Rogen can't decide whether or not to get fat again after he finished his "Green Hornet" role. It's cool that he lost all the light, but we kind of like him with a few extra lbs.

4:15pm - A clearly star-struck Ryan Seacrest is giggling like a thirteen year-old goth girl who just ran into Robert Pattinson at her local Hot Topic.

4:13pm - Love Amanda Seyfried and her big bow dress. She would be our Best Birthday Present Ever.

4:10pm - Oddest red carpet interview coupling thus far: Seacrest/Jenkins. These men clearly have nothing to say to each other.

4:08pm - They should invite the Mumbai Kids to the Oscars every year, seriously. In fact, they should be hosting the whole red carpet themsleves. SO adorable.

4:06pm - Heidi Klum cares so deeply about various causes that she came dressed as a big red awareness ribbon.

4:03pm - Michael Shannon from "Revolutionary Road" is a vaguely scary person. We think he might smell Seacrest's fear.

4:00pm - Taraji P. Henson looks great. Seacrest asked her about being at a garage sale when she first got the call about her role in "Benjamin Button". It would have been awesome if she was like, "Yeah, where do you think I got this dress?"

3:55pm - Seacrest is interviewing Best Actress Nominee Melissa Leo, who won an Independent Spirit award for Best Actress last night. We kind of want to see her win again tonight because, trust us, she will totally lose it.

3:53pm - We love how Seacrest so shamelessly interrupts his own interview sif he so much as catches a glimpse of another celeb in the corner of his eye. He just cut off the stars of nominated "Slumdog" to shout at John Legend.

3:50pm - E! has a "StarTracker" AND a "Glamastrator". There hasn't been this much unnecessary onscreen gadgetry since Scotty beamed the Will.I.Am hologram up into the CNN Newsroom.

3:45pm - Seacrest is trying to interview the Mumbai kids from "Slumdog Millionaire", but there was a communication barrier. Mostly Seacrest not being good at communicating.

3:38pm - You guys, Ken Baker is revealing the Oscars secret: there are going to be secret appearances by secret stars that haven't been announced. There are so many secrets! It's going to be like watching an episode of "Lost". Maybe even an appearance by the Smoke Monster, or Woody Harrelson.

3:36pm - Lisa Rinna was so excited about meeting Valentino that her face almost fell off.

3:31pm - First Miley, and now Seacrest is talking to/leering at Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens. Are we accidentally watching Nickelodeon? Is this the Tween Choice Awards?

3:25pm - Who's calling TV Guide Network the ghetto of awards show red carpet coverage? Just look at their sparkly bejeweled mic cube! Okay, back to E!

3:19pm - Hugh Jackman seems calm, focused, ready to dance.

3:08pm - Miley Cyrus is here, and her dress is made entirely out of bling. Seacrest is pressing her about who is her "official date". Ten minutes in and he's already bringing the inappropriateness. Also, they're using a TeleStrator on the red carpet now? All we're missing is John Madden yelling about the fashion differences between Zac Posen and vintage Valentino.

3:05pm - The first thirty minutes when no stars have shown up yet are always pretty fun, if for no other reason than getting to watch the hosts desperately try to kill time.

3:00pm - The countdown to the countdown to the red carpet to the Oscars is finally over, and we're ready to get this red carpet liveblog started. We'll be watching on E! for most of the night for most of the night, for no reason other than our deep abiding love of Ryan Seacrest.