The Los Angeles Times is reporting that Michael Jackson's family hired a private pathologist who completed a second autopsy on the performer's body Saturday.

At a press conference earlier in the day, Rev. Jesse Jackson said Jackson's family wanted an independent autopsy after the 50-year-old singer died Thursday after suffering cardiac arrest.

Jackson said too many unanswered questions remain, including about the role of the personal cardiologist, Conrad Murray, who was with the singer at the time of his death. (Toxicology test results won't be available for up to six weeks; a preliminary autopsy conducted Friday showed no foul play.) Police were expected to meet with Murray Saturday.

"The routine inquiry is now an investigation," Jackson said, according to the Associated Press. "They [the Jacksons] didn't know the doctor. ... He should have met with the family, given them comfort on the last hours of their son."

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Meanwhile, Michael Jackson's friend, spiritual teacher Deepak Chopra, said he had been concerned since 2005 that the singer was abusing prescription painkillers.

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He told the Associated Press that the singer had asked him for painkillers when the King of Pop was staying with him following his child molestation trial.

He would not give him medications and added that the nanny of Michael Jackson's children repeatedly contacted him with concerns about Jackson's drug use over the next four years. The nanny told Chopra that a number of doctors would visit the singer's homes in Santa Barbara County, L.A., Miami and NYC.

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Whenever the subject came up, the singer would avoid Chopra's calls, according to the Associated Press.