Octo Mom...coming to a TV near you.

Nadya Suleman's lawyer Jeff Czech says she's met with four production companies so far this week about creating a reality show to follow her brood of 14.

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"Nadya has been interested in, and hoping to find, something not so intrusive to the family and babies while, at the same time, [something to] sort of focus on trying to make a little income for herself," Czech said.

"She got railed again for the kids being on [assistance]. It is heavy on her mind and she is simply looking," Czech continued.

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Suleman -- who fired the free nurses from Angels in Waiting last month -- has no health insurance and uses the services of state-funded Medi-Cal for her children's care. She also admitted on Wednesday that she may sign up for the Women Infant Children program to foot her $2,000 monthly formula bill.

(Octo Mom isn't the only family member looking to cash out. The newest issue of Us Weekly, on stands now, reports that her parents are also seeking ways to make money off the babies.)

Production companies have pitched "ideas ranging from long-term documentaries to reality-type shows," Czech says.

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Cameras could follow "Nadya dating, taking the kids to birthday parties, learning how to drive a 14-person van," Czech explains.

He said he hopes to have a deal in place by the "end of next week."

"Production companies...would like to [do] some light filming now of the infants [now] and then sort of wait until they are starting to walk and learning to talk and things like that," Czech says.

"Maybe take some short clips in between but nothing [steady] until [the octuplets are] walking," he goes on.

How much money has Suleman been offered?

"I think she could survive," he says. "I don't know how comfortable it would be on one or these deals. Of course, it depends on how long they last."

She is still getting donations via her Web site, Czech adds, including a check for $1,000 she received yesterday.