Jon and Kate Gosselin can't keep their hands off each other in old footage from when they first met -- as shown on John & Kate Plus 8.

"I liked bad boys," Kate says.


Adds Jon: "[Before Kate], I was doing nothing with myself. No career, I worked at a ski slope...I didn't have any goals. I didn't want to get married, didn't want to have kids. Just bumming around, doing what I wanted to do."

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Kate says Jon had a girlfriend when they met, but "she was gone the next day!"

How long did it take them to get serious? "One day!" Kate says.

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The pair also display serious PDA as they open Christmas presents in one clip, and cry as they say their wedding vows in another.

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"We were the couple that people always said were sickeningly sweet," Kate says.

"I don't know what happened," Jon deadpans.

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The newest issue of Us Weekly reports Jon grew so suspicious of his wife's "inseparable" behavior with her bodyguard Steve Neild, he considered hiring a private investigator. Meanwhile, Jon carried on an affair with a 23-year-old teacher, Deanna Hummel.