BERLIN (AP) -- French director Bertrand Tavernier debuted his film "In the Electric Mist" at the Berlin Film Festival on Saturday, showing audiences his version of a 1993 crime novel by James Lee Burke adapted to post-Hurricane Katrina Louisiana.

Tommy Lee Jones stars in the film as Dave Robicheaux, a detective on the trail of a serial killer — a chase that brings back long-buried memories of another killing.

The film is based on Burke's "In the Electric Mist with Confederate Dead," but Tavernier said that "from the beginning, I knew that I was going to update the story."

"It seemed to me that it was completely dumb to come to Louisiana and to shoot a novel written at the ... beginning of the 90s and not to put Katrina" in it, the French director said.

Tavernier — whose past films include "Round Midnight" and "Mississippi Blues" — said Jones had "worked a lot on the dialogue" and added some scenes that weren't in the book.

"In The Electric Mist" is one of 18 films competing for the top Golden Bear award at the Berlin event, the first of the year's major European festivals. The winner will be announced Feb. 14.