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Actor Alec Baldwin is vain when it comes to body image. And he doesn't care who knows it.

"I have a great ass, if I may say so," the "It's Complicated" actor, 51, tells Entertainment Weekly in its annual holiday movie preview issueout Friday. "That's a part of my body that needs no surgical enhancement or rearranging."

Still, Baldwin, who turned to an "ass double" when he had to show off his derriere in the new comedyto be released Christmas Day, says he wouldn't rule out getting cosmetic enhancements.

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"I'm not saying I wouldn't do something! I intend to do something," he says. "I probably will. Let's put it this way: I wouldn't rule it out because... You don't think I wake up every day and wish I looked like this and this and this? But I can't let that bother me."

His "It's Complicated" costarMeryl Streep isn't as convinced about getting work done.

"Well, if you've ever even contemplated that stuff and looked at what can go wrong in any of those magazines, it's terrifying!" the actress, whose character freaks out in a plastic surgeon's office after a consultation, tells EW.

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Plus, she says that as a celebrity, "every part of your life is chronicled, so "if something mysteriously looks better," everyone will notice.

Baldwin -- who split from Kim Basinger, his wife of eight years, in 2001 -- also opens up to the magazine about if he'll ever wed again.

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"I don't mean to be glib, but the title really is perfect," Baldwin says of the flick where he and Streep play ex-spouses who rekindle their romance at their son's college graduation. "It is complicated. I had a pretty tough divorce myself, so sometimes I sit there and I go, 'Well, should I have worked it out? Maybe I should have tried harder.'"

Baldwin says the film's lessons are also what he tries to impart to their daughter, Ireland, 14.

"It's also what you teach your children about their love lives," he says. "That's a big thing for me, to teach my daughter: No risk, no reward. I want her to realize that it's a roll of the dice. Not everybody gets so lucky, where they have a family and a marriage forever and ever."

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