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With Amanda Bynes' parents in charge of her finances via a court-appointed conservatorship, they are living up to their end of the bargain and continuing to fund her life, but they're doing it in an interesting way that still gives them ultimate control.

TMZ is reporting that Amanda is actually paying her bills from American Express gift cards given to her by her parents via a conduit.

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Her parents give her the gift cards, usually worth $50 or $100, for her living expenses, since Amanda has no access to her money. In addition, her parents also have no plans to invite their daughter to come live with them because they are simply "burnt out" on their daughter's antics, TMZ said.

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Since being released from a psychiatric hospital last week, Amanda has been seen eating out, staying in hotels and going out around Los Angeles. But the big question remained: Where was the money coming from?

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Her parents, TMZ said, "deliver the money to Amanda's court-appointed lawyer, who gives her the cards."

The website continued, "At this point they feel she needs to hit rock bottom before she realizes she needs serious help."