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From the where-did-this-come-from-file, Amy Poehler is sporting a new hue these days, trading in her blond locks to become a redhead!

Amy becomes the latest in a cavalcade of celebrities who have recently made major hair transformations: Hilary Duff went blue, so did Amber Rose; Julianne Hough went pink; and Sarah Hyland chopped her hair in a serious way.

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Amy debuted her burgundy hair at the 60th anniversary celebration of Allen Ginsberg's poem "Howl" on April 7. Since she donned black pants and a black jacket, her wavy hair was easily the focal point of her ensemble — probably because we've really only ever known her as a blond.

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According to reports, Amy made no reference to the new auburn locks, but she seems to be comfortable with her new mane.

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The reason for switch? We don't know. Maybe it's for a movie role… Maybe she did it on a dare… Maybe blonds don't have more fun.