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Alla Vadimirovna Kournikova, the mother of tennis great Anna Kournikova, was arrested on charges of child neglect Tuesday afternoon in Florida after police learned that her son was allegedly left alone and jumped out of a window.

According to a Palm Beach Police Department probable cause affidavit obtained by ET, Kournikova knowingly left her five-year-old son by himself in excess of 50 minutes with the doors to the residence locked by deadbolt. The child later jumped out of a second-story window to get out of the house -- 15 feet down to a crushed stone walkway -- and entered the backyard pool to soothe his injured feet. His neighbors found him alone, wet and crying.

According to police, the child had bruising about his feet and lower back as a result of the fall from the second floor.

When Kournikova returned to the residence, she cooperated with police and explained that her son did not want to go with her to run errands, so she left him watching TV with a phone. She was taken to the police station and read her Miranda rights.

According to the affidavit, there is probable cause to charge Kournikova with one count of Neglect of a Child, a third degree felony.

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