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By Melissa Hunter, reporting by Corey Podell

While making the press rounds for her very scary, completely original movie, "I Know What You Did Last Summer in Your Sorority House" -- I mean, "Sorority Row" -- Audrina Patridge took a moment for herself to tell the press that she's wrapping up her time on "The Hills."

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She tells Us Weekly, "I'm almost done with 'The Hills.' We're in the middle of finishing these episodes, and I'll be leaving then ... I feel like I'm graduating. I'm taking the next step and growing up and maturing and moving on in my life."

Moving on, that is, to another reality show that revolves just around her. Solo reality shows are really the true sign of adulthood.

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She's developing her own reality show with "Survivor" producer Mark Burnett while simultaneously honing her craft, that is, training to lift her eyelids enough to launch an acting career. Considering how it seems her sights are set on B-horror movies, she could probably be comatose and get cast, as long as she's in a low-cut shirt.

Wonderwall caught up with Audrina as well, and asked the important questions -- like who she would prefer to tase: Brody Jenner or Joe Francis. This, of course, in regard to their fight on Thursday night. We wouldn't possibly think that up ourselves (but certainly will exploit that fight to make Taser jokes about Brody for months to come)! She replied, "Both! I don't know, just both of them!"

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Amazing. One point for Audrina in our books. And who would she take down first? She tells us, "I think I'd get them together and get 'em at the same time."

Can THIS be her new reality show? Luring sleazy Hollywood d-bags into her lair and tasing them? She'd be a hero for every woman who's ever had a man shout at her "Show us your boobs!" at a party or has endured watching five minutes of "Bromance." Screw acting, Aud, you have an anti-sleazebag revolution to lead. Go to!

In the meantime, Audrina will probably continue to keep her trap shut about Heidi Montag's Miss Universe appearance ("I actually haven't seen it yet," she claims -- right, sure), wax poetic on the virtues of dating actors vs. athletes ("They're just so different. It's a tough call 'cause they're both sexy and they're both talented. I don't know what's better!") and the fine art of acting in a horror film ("[During] most of the death scenes, I had to cover my eyes. Pretty gory.") Better to cover your scared eyes than have dead eyes in real life, right Audrina? Yeah, we thought so.