Confessions of Beyonce. Beyonce appeared at a Super Bowl press conference in New Orleans on Thursday Jan. 31 -- and before she took questions from reporters, she gave an unexpected performance of "The Star Spangled Banner." Looking stunning in a long-sleeved white dress, the superstar, 31, asked her audience, "Will you all please stand?"

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The Grammy winner then proceeded to sing the National Anthem live, with no accompanying music -- and no pre-recorded backtrack. And, once that live performance was done, Beyonce admitted that she did, indeed use a backing track last Monday in Washington, D.C. for her much-speculated rendition of the same song at President Barack Obama's Inaugruation.

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"I am a perfectionist," she said. "And one thing about me: I practice 'till my feet bleed. I did not have time to rehearse with the orchestra. It was a live television show... Due to the weather, due to the delay, due to no proper sound check... I did not feel comfortable singing live."

She added: "I love haters."

As sources had previously told Us Weekly, Beyonce explained that she sang along in her own voice last Monday to a "pre-recorded track." But when it comes time for her Super Bowl performance this Sunday Feb. 4? Beyonce will "absolutely be singing live," she assured reporters.

"She did sing," a source previously told Us. "There was a [pre-recorded] track, but Bey sang 100 percent." The confusion began after a rep for U.S. Marine Corp Band told several media outlets that the superstar chose to lip-synch over a track at the last minute.

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"[Using a pre-recorded track at live events] is very very common," the source continued. "The track was only there as a backup."

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