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Body by burrito! Big Sean's diet is simple and it can be summed up in one word: Chipotle.

We're not joking, either. There's not a day that goes by where the rapper doesn't eat at the Mexican chain.

"I eat Chipotle every day," he told GQ. "It keeps me fueled."

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Ariana Grande's former love waxed poetic about his addiction, recalling his first experience at the restaurant in 2007 with Kanye West's barber, Ibn Jasper.

"I remember Ibn Jasper asked me 'Do you want Chipotle?' and I said 'What's that? and he looked at me and said 'Bro, I have to take you right now. The rest is history.'"

He continued, "My go-to Chipotle order is the salad bowl with extra rice and either chicken or barbacoa depending on what I had the last time and no guac for me. I don't really like avocado."


The "Clique" rapper isn't opposed to experimenting with tacos or even the quesarito, the holy grail from the restaurant's "secret menu." Really, he just wants Chipotle all the time.

"When I'm overseas touring in other countries and I can't have it, I for sure miss it a lot," he said.

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The not-so-heart-healthy fare hasn't affected his body though, as Big Sean continues to have washboard abs and barely a trace of body fat on his slender frame.

"I pretty much finish it every time," he said. "I'm touring right now so I perform every night so that's how I stay fit. I never save it for two meals!"

You know, Big Sean, Chipotle is a publicly-traded company. You can by stock in it. Just saying….