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Get some pink ready for the nursery!

With less than two months to go until giving birth a second time, Bristol Palin is finally revealing the gender of her unborn child.

In an Instagram post that shows her cradling her baby bump, Bristol wrote, "7.5 months with my baby girl."

In the image, shared with her more than 58,000 followers, Bristol dons an all black outfit with brown boots. She wears glasses and a pony tail in the snap.

In all actuality, Bristol revealed the gender in a weekend blog post that centered on birth control.

"I know I'm the last to talk about birth control. (Two baby daddies right? LOLZ!)," she wrote. "But I am expecting a girl and do have a 14-year-old sister and I would be so concerned for her going into a clinic and having something pretty serious put into her body."

"I'm not against birth control by ANY MEANS so do not twist my words," she wrote. "But I am against the government going between a parent and a child at such a young age. THERE IS A BIG DAMN DIFFERENCE. 10-11-12 year olds don't know what's best for them."

Bristol faced a lot of backlash when she announced her pregnancy over the summer, considering she was an outspoken proponent of abstinence. At the time she even said she knew the news of her out-of-wedlock pregnancy would be a "huge disappointment" to a lot of people. However, just after that, she then backtracked, saying the pregnancy was planned after all.

"I do not regret this baby [and] never even thought of aborting this child, NO MATTER WHAT THE CIRCUMSTANCE," she wrote.

She has yet to identify the father of the child.