Bruce Willis has no problem with kissing and telling -- especially when it comes to his role in Red 2. Speaking about the action-comedy flick at a recent press conference, the 58-year-old star couldn't help but brag a little about his romantic scenes in the movie.

"I get to kiss two women in this film, which I seldom get to do in some of my other work," he boasted. "I get to kiss girls!"

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And not just any girls but gorgeous movie stars -- Mary-Louise Parker and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Married since 2009 to model Emma Heming, with whom he has one young daughter, Mabel, Willis acknowledged that he's in a rare, enviable position as someone who gets to lock lips with two of the most beautiful women in Hollywood.

"I think I'm very fortunate. I get asked to do a lot of different kinds of things. Some of them include weapons, some of them include jokes, [and] from time to time I get to make out with women that I'm not married to," he quipped. "How often does that happen?"

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Then, addressing the reporters at the event, he added: "Does that ever come up in your job? They go, 'Listen, today we need you to kiss three or four of the women at the press conference and you can choose who they are.' Think about it. It's a strange thing, isn't it? Just lay one on her. Or she lays one on you. It would add to the day. It would be nice, right? Always fun."

The actor noted that Heming (his second wife, whom he wed nine years after his divorce from Demi Moore) is generally a pretty good sport about his onscreen displays of affection. "Nobody gets mad if you have to kiss someone every once in a while," he said. "You say, 'Look, it's right in the script. It says, 'Now [Bruce] kisses Mary-Louise Parker...Now [Bruce] kisses Catherine Zeta-Jones.'"

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Willis won't make out with just anyone, though. "They were trying to get me to kiss John Malkovich, but I drew the line," he said of Red 2. "He was in a dress. Did you see that? [With] John, you never know what's going to happen."

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