Hot mom of three! Matthew McConaughey's wife Camila Alves made her red carpet debut after welcoming their third child, son Livingston, on Dec. 28, 2012.

Alves, 31, stunned at the QVC Red Carpet Style event at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills on Friday, Feb. 22. The Brazilian model wore a low-cut black jumpsuit that showed off her slim, sexy post-baby body.

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"Right now I'm still in the recovery stages so I can't really exercise too hard right now. Just diet," the mom to son Levi, 4, daughter Vida, 3, and Livingston told reporters. "It's amazing how much eating the right things and drinking enough water will actually do for your body, so that's what I'm trying to do now."

What's included in her diet plan? "Every few hours I'm eating, just small portions or protein," she explained. "A lot of vegetables. I'm trying to also learn what are the vitamins you need daily."

"My favorite thing is steak. I love steak," Alves added. "But I've been trying to get the iron levels up after having a baby so a lot of spinach and kale." 

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But Alves is also focused on helping McConaughey get back to his normal weight after losing nearly 40 pounds in November for his role in The Dallas Buyer's Club. The 43-year-old actor portrays Ron Woodruff, a real-life drug addict in the 1980s who contracted HIV and became the first-ever AIDS activist.

"The day he was shooting the scene where the character was the most sick, after that I was like 'ok, now we've got to make sure we start getting back,'" Alves said. "Because it was like having a different man at home, it really was."

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Alves and McConaughey tied the knot after six years of dating in June 2012.

"It's like we've been married for so long," the handbag designer said. "Something inside of you changes, especially after you've been together so long and you do get married. I can't pinpoint exactly what it is. Especially for your kids and the fact that when you go to the airport and fill out a form, you got the same one," she joked. "It's all the same thing. You can all go to the same line."

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