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Chanel Iman is synonymous with fashion, but soon the former Victoria's Secret Angel will be known for more than her pretty face and runway strut. The 24-year-old beauty made her acting debut in "Dope" earlier this year, and it's only just the beginning for the aspiring actress. "I'm just very happy that everyone loved the film as much as I loved working on it and shooting it," she told of the coming-of-age comedy, which is now available on digital HD and Blu-ray/DVD. Chanel also dished on facing her bizarre phobia while shooting the smash Sundance hit, supporting her boyfriend -- Los Angeles Lakers point guard Jordan Clarkson -- during basketball season, her favorite way to "Netflix and chill" and more. Keep reading for the highlights! Have you caught the acting bug now?

Chanel Iman: "I'm working with my [acting] coach every day on building myself as an actor. I really love shooting, and I'd love to do another film. It's very challenging for me to get into a character. I just love it -- everything about it. It's my dream for sure. It's always been a dream. ['Dope' director] Rick [Famuyiwa] gave me an opportunity to be in a film that has motivated me to work even harder."

WW: How nervous were you to make the transition from modeling to acting?

CI: "I wasn't really nervous shooting. [I worried about] the feedback that we would get from the film. I knew it was going to be a success, but you never know the way the media is going to react to it -- especially because I had such an edgy role. That was why I was a little bit nervous. But other than that, it was more excitement than anything. I've been very blessed to be in the position and to have been given the opportunity to play a role like Lily."

WW: What was the biggest challenge you faced while shooting "Dope"?

CI: "I have a phobia of throw up. I really had [trouble with that]. They stuffed rice pudding in my mouth, and I had to pretend to throw up. That was the hardest thing to do -- just act like I was throwing up. It just grossed me out a lot... The rice pudding wasn't so bad. It was nice and sweet. I just felt bad for poor Shameik [Moore] because we did so many takes and I had to throw up all over him with that rice pudding in my mouth."

WW: Wait, you have a phobia of vomiting?

CI: "I've always had this thing about it. I can't look at people throw up. I can't throw up myself unless I'm really, really sick. It's just the most disgusting thing to me. It just weakens my stomach."

WW: Your character in "Dope" is pretty wild. Do you and Lily have anything in common?

CI: "She's the opposite of me. She's a little flirty. I think that's the only thing we have in common."

WW: Flirty is an understatement! Lily is very aggressive with the opposite sex. Are you?

CI: "I'm more of a 'sit back and let men approach me' [kind of girl]. Then I play it from there... It hasn't been difficult to get a boyfriend, but I like to have friendships before anything serious. So I just take my time getting to know someone before we have a relationship. Usually that's how we connect and how my relationships go: We're just friends first."

WW: Speaking of relationships: Your boyfriend (Lakers point guard Jordan Clarkson) plays basketball. Will we see you on the sidelines this season?

CI: "I'll definitely be at a few games. I do have my own career as well, so I gotta stay focused -- as much as I love basketball. I'm always in support of Jordan and everything that he's doing in his career. So even if I'm not there, I'm still watching and supporting him."

WW: What kind of movies do you like to "Netflix and chill" with?

CI: "I love thrillers, movies that get my mind going -- and I love action. Depending on what's going on in my life, romantic films can be good... I'm not so much into scary movies."

WW: But weren't you just at Universal Studio's Halloween Horror Nights?

CI: "That's more fun to me -- going to Horror Nights and stuff -- because I know everything is fake and safe. That's why I think I could do a scary movie. But to watch it is totally different. Movies scare me more than going to a horror fest, which is really weird."

WW: As we saw in "Dope," there's a lot of nostalgia for things from the '90s right now -- for better or for worse! What '90s fashion do you still dig?

CI: "High-waist jeans. I wear them all the time. The music is not going anywhere. I still listen to '90s music all the time. I grew up with an older sister, so she put me onto a lot of the cool hip-hop '90s songs."

WW: Is it the best or most difficult time to be a model?

CI: "I think it's pretty awesome. This is the perfect time to be a model. Because of social media and Instagram and Twitter, we now have a voice. It's almost like bringing back supermodels. For a minute when I first started, it was like you walked the runway, didn't have any personality, couldn't say anything. Now we can actually build our own brands and have our own personalities and connect with our fans and inspire women."