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By Michelle Lanz

Gotta hand it to those crafty Us Weekly reporters.

The gossip magazine has obtained a video featuring actor Channing Tatum stripping in a Florida-based male revue show called "Male Encounter." (Click the gallery to the left to see images from the magazine)

Always thought he had a Chippendales look about him. Nice to know our beefcake radar is working properly.

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Tatum reportedly worked at the strip club for a year when he was just 18 years old. Long before he was gyrating on the big screen, he was doing so for $50 a night in the laps of lonely housewives and bachelorettes.

And of course he had a stripper name: Chan Crawford.

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According to the owner of the revue, the young Mr. Banana Hammock was apprehensive at first but was a hit with the ladies once he relaxed.

"He was a bit shy at first, but her really knew how to work the stage. The women went crazy for him!"

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Sadly, he only took it down to his skivvies, never putting on his full birthday suit. Though we he hear you can find pics from his nude modelling days if you search the Internet hard enough. No pun intended.

Images from the video will be included in the August 17 issue of the magazine.