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By Dana Flax

Not sure how she pulls it off, but in a feature story in the September issue of Vogue (on newsstands August 18), Charlize Theron embodies the hackneyed "super hot girl who swears like a sailor" archetype with a tablespoon of charm and a heap of believability. (Well, maybe it's believable because we've seen this.) Contributing to her earthiness is a general openness with the press -- even if it leads her to admit something less than pristine about herself -- and, as expected, a description of her enviable metabolism (Really, who wants to hear that "she drinks like a fish" and eats steak?). Read a few highlights from the article below, and then check out the rest of Vogue's exclusive coverage.

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Mystery may be sexy (and publicity-savvy), but that's not Charlize:

"I feel like I always reveal too much. There's something sexy about the mystery. I don't know how to play that card, though."

Looks like she doesn't need to 'borrow Lindsay Lohan's friend's pants' any time soon:

"People tell me that cocaine makes you feel superhuman and you'll say anything. Then when you come down, like, all of a sudden, you have guilt. But I have that feeling innately, even without the cocaine."

We'd be comfortable with nude scenes, too, if we could blame our flaws on our character (or we didn't have them):

"That isn't about me. I don't look at the movie and go, 'Jesus, my ass is really saggy.'"

On her main boo, Irish actor Stuart Townsend:

"We've been together for almost nine years, so by now we've kind of realized that we're going to take this journey together."


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