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Thor has been shorn!

Aside from starring in blockbuster movies, Chris Hemsworth is known for being one of the proud members of Hollywood's "long hair club." But my, how things have changed!

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While doing press events for his upcoming movie "Blackhat," the Aussie actor shocked the media when he showed up with short hair.

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"I shaved the locks. I needed a trim. I have had long hair for like six years. And I got sick of it," he told USA Today. "Anyone who has long hair knows it takes a lot of work. It's all good. I can wake up and roll with the day without having to worry about it."

Think about it, six years with that flowing mane. That's longer than many Hollywood marriages.

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Chris, People's reigning Sexiest Man Alive, said he didn't chop off his hair for a movie role or anything. It was just time, so he did it over the holidays. But that doesn't mean he wasn't just a tiny bit uneasy about it.

"I was nervous," he said on Live With Kelly & Michael about the new 'do. "I'm a Leo so it was a little bit like losing my mane. I felt like I was losing my powers."