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After two months, Christian Bale finally speaks out about his little (major) argument (freak-out) leak (online viral mega-hit). And in case you were wondering, Christian's got a magic circle, and you're not in it.

Christian Bale Freak-out Parody Roundup

The Telegraph reports that Christian Bale broke his silence in an interview with Total Film. He says, "Hey, I did what I did. I'm not hiding from that. I went overboard. But there is an essential trust and it's not a tacit one, it's a verbal one, a spoken one, which is [that] every sound guy says, 'We are not only not recording, we're not even listening.' So, well, there goes that. I do stress, though, it's not in any way a trust that's there to cover up bad behavior. It's not about that. It's an essential trust that's needed for creativity."

Something about this speech makes us kind of love Christian Bale. Or love to hate. No, hate to love. While the tape was like an e-car accident no self-respecting YouTube user could look away from, we wish we didn't think an actor like Bale was such a jerk. Really though, there's an inversely proportional talent-sanity scale. How can a guy successfully play a serial killer, superhero, Vietnam soldier, and a psychotic insomniac without having a whole mess of crazy inside of him?

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When asked if he's concerned the "Terminator Salvation" audience experience might be colored by the story, Bale said, "Yeah. It's not in anyone's interest to know that much. I understand people are interested, I get that they want to hear about it, but to me I look at it as old-school movie magic and with magic you do not reveal your secrets."

Come on guys, let our favorite celebrities creatively abuse the crew in private. It's all a part of the movie magic. Sheesh.

Christian Bale in LOL Pics

He finishes by saying, "You really make people work to find those secrets and generally you just reveal it to people who are going to join your ****ing magic circle and then you know about it."

While we don't condone saying the F-word 39 times in under 4 minutes, we can see his point. If someone was recording us every time we were in our own circles of trust, imagine what could happen. You can bet if there was a spider on our keyboard, you'd hear the F-word 39 times in one minute flat, that's for darned sure. Good thing no one cares about our magic circle. Want to be a part of it? Our circle contains lots of coffee, RSS feeds, chocolate, and Twitter updating.

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