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Colin Farrell doesn't just have his smoldering good looks and reformed bad boy reputation working for him. He also has a seriously attractive chivalrous streak.

While walking the red carpet for his drama "Triage" at the Toronto International Film Festival on Saturday night, the Irish star schooled an impolite photographer on the right and wrong way to take his picture, reports the Toronto Sun.

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Seems the snapper rudely shouted at the woman accompanying Farrell to get out of the shot, not realizing that it was his sister, Claudine.

"Don't yell at her," Colin reprimanded the photog while pointing an accusatory finger at his face and placing a hand on the back of his neck. "That's my sister you're yelling at. You shouldn't yell at any woman like that."

The photog said he was sorry (a lot), and Farrell soon returned to his red-carpet stumping responsibilities.

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But the shutterbug is now hinting that he may press charges, although we're not sure that a blow to one's ego can be considered a punishable offense.

"With celebs you get a lot of hangers-on, PRs, everyone and their wives surrounding the stars and we are limited for space," photographer Joe Alvarez attempts to explain to the London Daily Mail. "I was just saying, 'Please can everyone clear the carpet, move on.' He took it personal."

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Continues the excuse-making lensman, "I don't talk to women like that ... we are just doing a job here and people get in the way. I did apologize. If I had known it was his sister, I would not have said it. Or just been more careful."

Or maybe, and we're just spitballing here, try asking nicely.

Anyhoo, in between channeling a really butch version of Miss Manners, Farrell confirmed what everyone already knew: He and actress-girlfriend Alicja Bachleda are expecting their first child together.

The actor, who began dating Bachleda earlier this year (they co-star in the forthcoming romantic drama "Ondine"), has a 5-year-old son, James, with model Kim Bordenave.

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