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By Saryn Chorney

Love trash, baby, love trash -- that's what the Chateau Marmont got a whole lot of during singer Courtney Love's January to early February stay at the famous Los Angeles hotel.

Last month, Kurt Cobain's widow, 44, was asked to cough up several thousand dollars to pay for damages caused when she wrecked her hotel room, an insider tells Life & Style Weekly.

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As the story goes, at some point in between obsessive late-night tweeting and flying to London for the Elle Style Awards, Love decided she had to dye a load of fabric for her new fashion line. She ended up splashing pink dye all over the kitchen and the floors. Later, upon realizing what a mess she'd made, Love finally called hotel staff to clean it up. They needed two huge bottles of bleach.

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Go ahead and click through the photos on the left -- looks like they probably needed a vacuum and at least 20 industrial-sized garbage bags, too. (You might even see a few "Doll Parts" if you look really closely.)

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Anyway, after making that huge mess, Courtney then abruptly left the hotel for London the very next day. She now owes an enormous bill in the thousands, which she has yet to pay. Shocking, we know.

The saga comes on the heels of Love being sued for $362,000 by American Express for allegedly failing to pay her credit card balance, as well.

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Her assistant and reps had no comment when asked about the hotel incident -- they're probably just glad Court didn't make them clean it up.