Entertainment Tonight.As the "Late Late Show" host, Craig Ferguson traditionally pokes fun at those making splashy headlines. However, he is choosing his words wisely when discussing the scandal surrounding David Letterman.

Letterman's production company, World Wide Pants, produces the "Late Late Show," therefore making him Ferguson's boss.

According to the Associated Press, Ferguson said on his show Monday, "The person you work for, the person you admire and respect is caught in an embarrassing situation. And your job is to be funny about that, whilst trying to keep your own job."

Letterman admitted last week to having affairs with female employees of his own late-night show and went public with an alleged $2 million extortion plot that he was supposedly threatened with.

Ferguson still considers his boss "the king of late-night television." According to the AP, he does not believe talk show hosts should be held to the same moral standard as politicians. To hear more celebs comment on the news surrounding Letterman, click here.

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