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There's a changing of the guard at work in the Beckham family.

In a new interview with KEY 103, David Beckham, 40, admitted his 16-year-old son Brooklyn is officially more popular than the former soccer stud.

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"It's interesting going out with him though because he gets so much attention when we're out," David marveled, according to the Daily Mail. "We normally get people now coming up and saying, 'would you mind taking a picture with me,' and they're actually talking to Brooklyn rather than myself. And I'm the one that takes the picture!"

Brooklyn, the eldest of David and Victoria Beckham's four kids, is also starting to date -- and yes, he's already had the prerequisite birds and bees sit-down with his dad.

"I've definitely given him relationship advice," David said. "Obviously, he's 16 years old so a few years back we had 'the talk.' But Victoria was in the room and we kind of had a chuckle and he was kind of looking at me as if to say, 'why you doing this in front of Mum?!'"

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Not that David has any problem embarrassing his kids in the name of safety. He admitted that when Brooklyn went on his first date, "I sat five tables behind him," to keep an eye on things.

And when it comes time for David and Victoria's only daughter, Harper, who's now just 4, to start dating?

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"Don't worry about that," David said, "when it comes to my little girl's first date I'll be right next to her!"