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By Melissa Hunter

For some inexplicable reasons, we seem to be unendingly curious about celebrity spawn. And then there are the completely explicable reasons. Like Georgia May Jagger and her soon-to-be legal hotness.

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A clever denim company (Hudson Jeans) has capitalized on the progeny of Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall as they signed Georgia May on to a modeling gig for their line. The Daily Beast reports that her mom Jerry gave her daughter some modeling advice, "Be nice to everyone, even if you don't like it. And don't show your bum." Apparently she didn't take the latter half of the advice, as she is showing a lot of skin in the ads. Not surprising as most jeans campaigns these days have very little denim involved in the advertisements.

The Beast posted a video of the precocious Georgia May, who seems to have learned very quickly how to say things like "Blue" and "Soft" in an overtly sexual tone. Her last line, in a high degree of undress, is, "My mum is Jerry Hall and my father's Mick Jagger. People say I have great genes." Heyo! We got some punsters working over at Hudson.

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The young Jagger has signed on for a multi-faceted print and video campaign. Apparently there have been some rumors that Mick is not too happy about the potential career path her daughter has, as paparazzi already lurk creepily outside of her high school. The Hudson ad rep claims that this is blown completely out of proportion. Besides, she won't be dealing with silly things like school any time in the near future anyway. She's got some sexy pictures to take.