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Are those infamous Justin Bieber Calvin Klein photos to blame for breaking up a marriage?

After those now-legendary photos were released, reports surfaced that Justin asked his fellow model, Lara Stone, out on a date, not knowing that she was married. She turned him down. However, shortly after the advertising campaign photos were snapped showing Lara and the Biebs half-naked in several compromising positions, she and her husband separated.

Following the photo shoot with the "What Do You Mean" singer, Lara then participated in a reportedly equally as raunchy photo shoot with "Fifty Shades of Grey" actor Jamie Dornan.

On Sept. 10, Lara's five-year marriage to David Walliams, a "Britain's Got Talent" judge, ended.

During a 60-second court hearing David blamed the failed marriage on his wife "unreasonable behavior." A judge granted the former couple a decree nisi, meaning the marriage will be officially dissolved within six weeks.

The couple began a trial separation in March, just about a month after the Calvin Klein photo shoot. Lara's husband was said to be "devastated."

In other news, Lara is now single, Justin, if you know what we mean….