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Lindsay Lohan is in on the joke.

"She wanted to do a Funny or Die video with all the stuff that everyone's saying," director Eric Appel tells Us. "She wanted to respond to it in a funny way, show that she gets it."

Watch her Funny or Die video.

Lohan reached out to Will Ferrell's manager Wednesday about shooting a spoof. By Thursday, the team was pitching her ideas. On Friday, they had a script written. They filmed the one-and-a-half-minute clip in under two hours on Saturday.

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"She came up with the stuff about being a threat to all security guards -- she improvised while doing it," he says. "She threw in a bunch of fun, funny stuff."

As for the line that she was looking for somebody to spend the rest of her life with -- or at least the rest of her probation?

"She laughed," Appel says, "She thought it was a funny line."

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The actress also holds up a cover of Us Weekly, which Appel says, "was a last minute thing. We all came up with the idea collectively and sent someone to the store to buy one. It was her idea to say, 'I'm so alone' directly into the camera."

The actress -- who brought a few friends, her sister and her mom -- was "really a blast to work with," Appel says.

"She came in, did her thing, was really professional," Appel says. "People forget Lindsay Lohan's, like, a good actress. There's so much attention [to everything she does], forget this girl has really good comic timing."