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Every new mom needs a night out, but Ashlee Simpson-Wentz may have enjoyed her time away from 6-month-old Bronx Mowgli a little too much. The starlet is doing damage control following reports she got soused and talked trash to Michelle Trachtenberg, the ex-girlfriend of her hubby, Pete Wentz, while watching Jay-Z and Eminem perform at the DJ Hero bash Monday night in Los Angeles.

According to Perez Hilton, the night began "very civilly," with Ashlee and Pete chatting up Michelle and her beau, who were seated nearby. During the nearly 20-minute confab, the proud mom showed off pictures of baby Bronx.

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But an eyewitness alleges things took a turn for the tactless and immature when Simpson became pie-eyed and started giving her Fall Out Boy spouse a "pretty disgusting," "stripper"-like lap dance, all while "hurling insults" and staring at Trachtenberg.

Said to be among Ashlee's snide and seemingly insecurity-based remarks was one that implied her relationship with Pete began well before he'd ended things with Michelle.

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Trachtenberg, to her credit, maintained her class and cool by reportedly responding, "I've never said bad things about you. I'm happy for you guys."

Eventually, the still-ornery Ashlee was escorted out by a pal while Pete, who we always assumed had no shame reflex, looked "mortified," says Perez.

So, what's the official explanation from Mrs. Wentz for her ostensible rudeness?

"It was just a misunderstanding," her rep bobs and weaves to E! News. "Ashlee has since apologized to Michelle, and they remain on good terms."

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This isn't the first time Jessica's little sis has been accused of acting out after overindulging. Back in 2006, Simpson had a Big Mac-sized meltdown at a Toronto McDonald's, during which she was caught on camera heckling an employee.

Speaking of heckling, no one can accuse Sacha Baron Cohen of not giving his all to the promotion of "Brüno," which sashays onto screens next month. Not only was the funnyman willing to land tuchis-first on Eminem's face at the MTV Movie Awards, but he's also putting himself in the line of flying cell phone fire by taking a shot at Naomi Campbell.

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While posing in character as the vivacious (and lawsuit-inciting) Austrian fashionista for Marie Claire UK, he helpfully serves up his own A to Z guide to fashion.

And yes, it's exactly what you'd expect.

"N is for . . . NAOMI," opines Brüno. "She's amazing -- 20 years in ze business und all ze pressure und fame hasn't changed her a bit -- she's remained a total b--ch."

But the volatile catwalker isn't the only one who gets thrown under the Brüno bus. Poor Pink is also sacrificed for the sake of ticket sales: "Just vatching him now on MTV. A great singer, great fashion sense und so hunky!"

Then there's Orlando Bloom, whom Brüno declares is "basically obsessed mit me."

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And in still more bad-mouthing news, it seems the creative force behind "Californication" doesn't have fond memories of his early showbiz days on "Dawson's Creek."

During a Los Angeles Times-sponsored panel discussion about his David Duchovny-starring series (via E! News), Tom Kapinos reminisced about his four years of "misery" working as the show runner on the angst-y WB series.

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His main problem with the gig: "It was the four monstrous actors at the core of it."

That would be James Van Der Beek, Joshua Jackson, Michelle Williams and Katie Holmes, who "were very young, and they got very famous," said Kapinos, "and they made life miserable for any writer or producer on the show."

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