Downton Abbey fans, listen up! Unlikely heartthrob Brendan Coyle, the 49-year-old English actor who plays Bates, the PBS show's ill-fated butler, is auctioning himself off to benefit the Origin Theatre Company in New York. The event takes place tonight May, 21. The coveted prize is available for a date only on Wednesday, May 22.

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It's a toss-up who the real winner is, though -- the highest bidder or Coyle himself. According to the theater company's website, the winner gets to "read poetry to Coyle in a horse-drawn carriage ride in Central Park, and then take Coyle to dinner at the super fancy Per Se at the Time Warner Center, all the while making sure that Coyle's every need is taken care of."

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The role-reversal date doesn't stop there. "The bidder will offer to share their dessert with Coyle, and, after dinner will make sure Coyle gets home safely by depositing him in a cab and shutting the door for him. Coyle will then let the bidder know that he has arrived safely at his hotel."

Last year, according to the New York Post, a similar date with Coyle went for $20,000.

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