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A call to arms! Drake has been hitting the gym hard, and it's showing!

The rapper posted a photo of himself to Instagram performing bicep curls and his arms look like they're about to pop out of his shirt. Granted, biceps are always bigger when you're actually working on them, but Drizzy's guns are no joke.

Some speculate that he could be working on his fitness to keep up with all-world tennis player Serena Williams, who he's rumored to be dating.

In his caption, Drake gave a shout out to his trainer, Johnny Roxx, and told his 21 million followers that he "can't wait to get back to the city and work." Like a proud trainer, Johnny responded by saying his famous client is "never not working."

Drake's fitness kick isn't just a flash in the pan, though. In July, he posted a snap to Instagram that shows him looking insanely ripped (or "swoll," as the kids say.)

His trainer reposted the image, saying, "making gains"

Welcome to the gun show!