Back when Drew Barrymore was only 20 years old, she already had a name picked out for her future child.

During an interview with Rolling Stone in June 1995, Barrymore opened up about her relationship at the time with Hole musician Eric Erlandson.

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"I love him so much," Barrymore told Rolling Stone. "And I have a family now from Eric, too. He has such a huge, amazing family. Seven kids." 

"I never thought I'd have a sense of family until I had my own kids. I want two: a boy and a girl," she revealed. "My daughter will be named Ruby Daffodil."

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Now, the 37-year-old actress is expecting her first child with husband Will Kopelman. The couple married on June 2 at Barrymore's Montecito, Calif. estate and are expecting their baby boy or girl any day now.

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While Barrymore may have changed her mind on a baby name in the past 17 years, she told Jay Leno on The Tonight Show in February that she hopes to have multiple children with art consultant Kopelman, 35. 

"We'll start with one," she said. "See how it goes and if we could be so blessed . . . that would be wonderful."

This article originally appeared on Drew Barrymore in 1995: "My Daughter Will Be Named Ruby Daffodil"