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Did Lost's Evangeline Lilly accidentally diss Angelina Jolie?

Asked in the new issue of Women's Health which Hollywood A-lister she admires most, Lilly says Jolie.


"No one knows that woman; she's a complete ice queen, which is perfect," she explains. "Why should she be any more? She doesn't owe us anything."

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Lily adds that Lost producers have told her that she hasn't picked up on the opportunity to become a big movie star like Jolie.

"It frustrates [them] that they've given me this chance to become the next Angelina," she says. "Sure, I'd love to be her, but just the humanitarian side."

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Lilly tells the magazine that being an actress is not her "ultimate dream."

"Even if you're unhappy, just pretend that you're happy," she says of her mindset. "Eventually, your smile will be contagious to yourself. I had to learn that I used to think, 'I'm being fake,' but you know what? Better to be fake and happy than real and miserable."

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Lilly also refused to comment on reports about dating her former costar Dominic Monaghan.

"If I were to tell you that Sandra Miggum and Henry Pickett are dating, would you ever care?" she says. "They're completely fictional, so you don't know them."

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"Well, people don't know us," she adds. "So why should they care?"