By Mary Park

Kanye West was in a chatty mood when Wonderwall caught up with him at the Women of Fashion party hosted by in New York. Here's what the superstar had to say about ladies, Lady GaGa, all those haters in the blogosphere, and why -- since the death of his mother -- he has nothing left to lose.

Wonderwall: Who is your favorite fashionable woman? Carine.

Why? Why? I just said her name. That is all that, that is the end all, be all to me.

Is it because she controls French Vogue? First of all, you know the center of fashion is in Paris. And I like her style. It could be respected across the board. Like, she could come to the hood and a drug dealer's girlfriend would say, 'Man I wanna have that same shearling coat that Carine had on.' It's not too snobby or anything.

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You're somebody famous for bouncing back really well. Are you dating anyone now? Oh no, I'm not getting into all that.

So, generally, what kind of women are you into? Just really, really strong women who can stand up for themselves.

Do you have a favorite item of clothing on a woman? No clothes.

So why honor fashionable women? I'm sorry, that comment was really sexist for this event, right? What just happened tonight? No, my favorite article of clothing ... erase that last one, please. The shoes, shoes I think, shoes definitely.

What kind of shoes do you like -- high heels? I like high heels. But I like girls who can wear sneakers, too. I like girls that don't take themselves too seriously, not too pretentious. They can ease it up, they can put on some boots if they want to and stuff.

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What are you most looking forward to when working with Lady Gaga and co-headlining? Just two creative minds getting together and making something never seen before.

Are you collaborating on fashion and talking about your outfits? Collaborating on everything. It's a full collaboration. We're performing at the same time.

You're always under a lot of scrutiny, obviously. How do you deal with it when people scrutinize your relationships? It's whatever, man. I'm just here to make art, man. I'm not even thinking about what's going on right now. I'm thinking about what's going on years from now, and what will be important. What pops up on the Page 6 or the blogs or the day to day, I don't even look at none of that sh---. All I do is just super focus on the art that I'm looking at, at the clothes I'm looking at. I eat, I drink, I just soak it all in. And I really don't care. And honestly, since I lost my mother there's nothing more that I can lose. So I'm living life like there's nothing to lose. And I just want to create and put beautiful things into the world.

That's your main priority right now, your art? Yeah, exactly. If I want to be a character from the "Star Wars" movie when I did the "Glow in the Dark" tour, hey I do what I want to do. I just wanted to have a 1-shot of a girl walking in slow motion for "Flashing Lights." That's what I wanted to do. Do you think Murakami cares about the blogs?

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You comment on blogs though. Even though you say you don't want to read the blogs. No I said, 'do you think Murakami cares about them?' It was a question.

Are you married to your work? Would you say that? Marriage is a contract, I haven't made any contracts.

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