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Jake Pavelka's former "Bachelor" suitors Gia Allemand and Vienna Girardi appeared to get along during the 2009 filming of the ABC series, but as a string of vicious Twitter posts shows, their friendship could be on its way out the door.

Implying that Girardi is dating Allemand's ex-boyfriend, former "Bachelorette" contestant Wes Hayden, Allemand declared herself more of a contender to become next season's new bachelorette.

"I guess I can hope to be the Bachelorette now that Wes is dating Vienna!" Allemand, 26, tweeted late Tuesday.

Girardi, 23, denied she's dating Hayden, despite her co-star's claims that they hooked up at a recent "Bachelor" reunion in Texas.

"It's sad that people have to make up lies (Gia) that I'm dating someone so they can get sympathy and attempt to become the Bachelorette," Girardi sniped via the micro-blogging site.

"[You are] a bad friend [and] everyone saw you guys at the reunion and in Texas. And [you] even approached me -- hope they got it on camera. We will see soon on the Women

Tell All [special]," Allemand shot back. "The world already knows [your] true colors."

The pair's Internet feud comes less than a year after Pavelka's final rose recipient said Allemand should have taken Ali Fedotowsky's place on the "Bachelor" spin-off's most recent installment.

One of Girardi's Twitter friends, "AliThompson08" raved about third-place Allemand: "She was a sweetheart on the show! she should've been the new bachelorette!...not Ali!"

"I can't tell you how much I agree," Girardi replied. Allemand, she says, "would have been the best bachelorette!"

Though ABC has yet to publicly announce plans for the next "Bachelorette" season, Allemand has said she'd love to take part.

"Yeah, I would definitely consider it," she told USA Today. "It's such an amazing experience. I would love to find love and see how it is on the other end."


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