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Former teen star-turned-religious leader Andrew Keegan will soon have a new member in his flock!

The "10 Things I Hate About You" actor, who is the co-founder of the Full Circle Venice spiritual center in Los Angeles, Calif., is expecting his first child with girlfriend Arista Ilona, according to People magazine.

"My beloved partner and I are excited to welcome a baby into our lives and our community. We look forward to embracing the sacred responsibility of parenthood as well as learning from this spirit," Keegan told the publication.

The duo continued,"Our intention is to raise our child in a co-creative environment where truth and love are foremost. We welcome your thoughts and prayers for this incubating life."

Full Circle also released a statement: "The Full Circle Venice community is delighted to be expanding! We are excited to share in this experience with Andrew Keegan and his partner and look forward to co-creating a beautiful life for this new being."

Congrats to all!