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Late nights and run-ins with the law south of the border? Bring it on!

On the 15th anniversary of the cult favorite cheerleader flick, "Bring It On," the cast and crew is spilling about a certain legendary evening that went down in Tijuana, Mexico that landed some of the cast in jail -- oddly, after all these years, it seems that none of them can actually agree on what really happened or the aftermath.

"I know there was a weekend where they went to Tijuana -- that happened," said Lindsay Sloane, who played outgoing head cheerleader, Big Red. "Eliza [Dushku] somehow she ended up there. I mean we were kinda close [to Tijuana] but I remember thinking like, 'Oh wow, she's kind of like her character in the movie, she went to Tijuana, she's so edgy.'"

Everyone can agree that a trip to Tijuana occurred. Everyone can also agree that at some point things went south.

Gabrielle Union told MTV News, "It was a pretty good time, there might have been some trips down to Tijuana, perhaps. Unconfirmed! Unconfirmed bribing of Federale. The stuff of legends."

What exactly went down still remains a bit of a mystery, but Executive Producer Max Wong gave his version of the stars' brush with the Tijuana law enforcement.

"[They] were on the beach drinking and got arrested and got thrown into Mexican jail. And at some point, Eliza and a couple of the actors felt like they were in so much danger they decided to make themselves less attractive [by] using lipstick to draw all over their faces," he said. "I don't know how that worked, but that was their strategy. Needless to say, I got a middle of the night phone call to bail them out, and I did."

Eliza, though, contests that point.

"I want to go on the record and say no producers came and bailed us out," she said. "There may have been an incident in TJ one weekend but we got ourselves out of it. I got us out of it and there was no producer bailing out happening, so that was an embellishment."

So, how did she get them out of jail if no producer bailed them out? "I am quite a negotiator," she said. "I would admit there was an incident, but we got out in that turquoise convertible VW beetle and were back for work on time."

The mystery remains… and we kind of like it better that way.


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