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By Saryn Chorney, reporting by Mary S. Park

Sometimes typecasting in Hollywood can work against an actor. But casting George Clooney as a foxy fella suits him just fine. Wonderwall caught up with the dashing star at the London premiere of the "Fantastic Mr. Fox" this week, where he showed off his equally foxy lady friend Elisabetta Canalis (in a dress with a leather train, grrr!) on the red carpet. Clooney spoke to reporters about brooding, feeling like a dad (and even a granddad!) and his animal instinct. Check out his choice words below, as well as some highlights from the premiere itself.

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On being "broody":

"You see now, that's a word that Americans don't understand. Broody means ... you want to have kids?"

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On starting a family:

"Yes, I'm jumping right into it. You know, just having Jason (Schwartzman) here next to me, I feel like a father. Really. And he just got married, by the way, so I feel like sort of almost a grandfather. I'll bring lots of kids on the red carpet ... I'm going to adopt some of Brad Pitt's kids. I owe him a few."

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On being fox-like:

"Well, I try to wax daily. Although I seem to be considerably taller than this character. I think we all just want to be true to our animal nature."

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