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Last week, Robin Thicke made headlines for two reasons: for his proximity to Miley Cyrus' twerking posterior at the MTV VMA Awards, and for posing with a nubile blonde at an afterparty. The latter incident was notable because of the placement of the crooner's hand, a very personal touch that was inadvertently reflected in a mirror.

Now, thanks to Life & Style, the blonde in question is grabbing her 15 minutes by speaking out about the encounter. No surprise, she has lots to say, all of which is roundly denied by Thicke's camp.

Lana Scolaro, 20, alleges to the mag that the "Blurred Lines" singer, 36, whom she'd recently met at a party, sidled up to her at the post-VMAs bash and let loose this corker: "I just love the fact that you're so young."

Lana, whose Instagram is filled with photos of her Birkin bags and luxury vacations, says she was initially reluctant to engage with Thicke, considering his wife, Paula Patton, was nearby. But she claims he told her that he and his missus are "very chill" and even suggested the two chat.

"I don't think he cared what she thought," contends Scolaro.

That doesn't exactly track with Patton's recent confession about how she once tried to catch Thicke in the act of two-timing.

"Before my husband was my husband -- I don't know what got in my head, love makes you crazy -- I drove all the way to his house and I was in his bushes trying to look through the window," she admitted. "I totally got caught! Thank God I was wrong."

Anyhoo, the rest of Scolaro's account involves plenty of alleged handsiness and saliva swapping, all while Patton was "just a few feet away." She maintains the festivities ended with Thicke passing along his number and offering a vague promise to see her soon at New York Fashion Week.

So, is trouble a-brewing for Robin and Paula, who have been dating since they were teenagers and are parents to a 3-year-old son? Not according to Patton's rep, who dismisses Scolaro's account of the evening.

"It's just a girl looking for some attention," the mouthpiece tells L&S. "Paula and Robin aren't concerned."

The couple spent the last few days with their tot soaking up the sun in Florida.

"The moment he's not a little jealous is the day that I'm very worried, OK?" Patton recently told the AP. "And I think he feels the same way. You have to have a little bit of jealousy."


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