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Every day is Halloween for Lady Gaga, and at Sunday night's YouTube Awards, she broke out her most nightmarish grill for the cameras (see pic below). But was her horrible, rotting smile masking the pain of a broken heart?

The London Sun claims Lady G's low-key, two-year romance with actor Taylor Kinney recently hit the skids because they can't find time to be together.

"Taylor has told her she's married to her career, and he can't deal with dating Gaga the megastar and all her obsessions and alter-egos," alleges a source. "He loves the cool down-to-earth girl but hardly gets to see her. Gaga never stops working -- she writes songs in the shower and dreams up new outfits in her sleep."

According to the paper, the pair averages about one night a month alone together, thanks to their busy schedules and the many assistants and security staffers who populate Gaga's world.

"Taylor told her they need time apart," warns the insider, "and it's looking as if this might lead to a permanent split."

Or not. Turns out Kinney was not only in attendance at the awards ceremony, during which Lady G's bizarre, waterworks-inclusive performance of her new ditty "Dope" had users tuning out en masse, but he gamely puckered up with her rotting mummy teeth.

Prepare to be disturbed as you watch Kinney get up close and personal with Gaga's moldering teefs here.


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