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Will Taylor Swift's future ditties contain allusions to floating down to earth, with a heart broken into a million little pieces? Word out of Nashville has the doll-faced chart-topper spending quality time with Will Anderson, frontman for the band Parachute.

Swift, 21, was snapped strolling around town with Anderson, 25, over Thanksgiving weekend (that's him on the right, decked out in the leather bomber jacket and sunglasses), and Perez Hilton speculates the two may be "more than just friends."

The "evidence," such as it is: Whenever Taylor returns to her home base of Nashville, she supposedly holes up at Will's pad "at least 3-4 times a week." They've also posted the same photo on their respective Instagram accounts. Oh, and Anderson has taken an interest in Taylor's latest passion: making snow globes.

We'll add one more equally dubious observation to the mix: Taylor and Will were photographed drinking coffee, her favorite pastime during her brief, awkward romance with Jake Gyllenhaal.

Alas, an insider pours cold water on the hookup speculation, pooh-poohing to Gossip Cop that Swift and Anderson are friends without benefits.

Echoes another source to Hollywood Life, "From what I've heard, they are just friends. They hang out all the time, but I don't think it's a sexual thing."

And no, you're not the only ones who experienced a shudder over the use of the phrase "sexual thing" in relation to the wholesome, kitten-loving Swifty.


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