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Kristen Stewart isn't known for her scintillating conversation skills, as interview after painfully awkward interview has shown. But a deep-pocketed Middle Eastern prince was so eager to chitchat with the "Twilight" star that he gladly forked over half a million bucks for the privilege.

That's one of the stories Harvey Weinstein shared at the Toronto International Film Festival this week as he helped promote the documentary "12.12.12," which features performances and behind-the-scenes footage from the Hurricane Sandy benefit concert at New York's Madison Square Garden last December.

Seems a "prince of an Arabian country" proposed a sizable donation to the Sandy relief efforts in exchange for some face-time with K.Stew.

Weinstein contacted the erstwhile "Twilight" starlet, who promptly asked him, "How much?"

Laughed Harvey, "My kind of girl."

The moneybags royal proposed a donation amount, and the mogul countered with $500,000, to be paid in advance and in cash, in exchange for a presumably stilted and uncomfortable 15-minute chat.

Kristen fulfilled her end of the bargain and sat down with the seemingly Bella-and-Edward-admiring royal (and several bodyguards) for 15 minutes during the relief concert.


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