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One day, Rihanna will realize that the mark of a healthy relationship is a total lack of drama. Unfortunately, that day is not today. Instead, Page Six says she's once again in the middle of a "love triangle" with rumored on-off squeeze Drake and ex-boyfriend-former batterer Chris Brown.

RiRi, 26, has spent the last few days with Drake in Paris, where she joined him onstage for a sultry performance of their hit, "Take Care." They've also hit some clubs, grabbed dinner and holed up at the same hotel.

Enter recent anger management rehab grad Brown, who apparently texted Rihanna on Feb. 20 to wish her a happy birthday.

"Rihanna didn't write back right away … but later that night she started getting sentimental and texted back, 'thank you,' and asked how he was," says a source. "Since then, the two haven't stopped texting each other, and friends are freaked out that she's going to start dating him again."

The forbidden fruit aspect of her uber-dysfunctional relationship with Brown is probably tough for her to resist, even with the far more appealing option that is Drake.

You'll remember that back in 2012, Brown and Drake had a messy, glass-breaking run-in at a New York club, ostensibly over the latter's closeness with Rihanna.


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