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Of all the worthwhile causes that Justin Bieber could support, he's thrown his weight behind the apparent ball of pent-up rage that is Chris Brown. The on-tour popster hit the streets of Bogota on Wednesday night to spray-paint a message of encouragement for his pal, who checked into rehab on Tuesday after getting popped for assault over the weekend.

"Free Breezy," read the graffiti, which was among several images that he spent an hour creating along a busy stretch of road in the Colombian capital.

In addition to the shout-out to Brown, Bieber also appeared to paint a giant cartoonish frog giving the finger along with the words, "R.I.P. Pac." This was a seeming tribute to the singer's late hamster, which went to that great exercise wheel in the sky back in March, not long after he impulsively gave it away to a fan.

Biebs also drew a marijuana-like leaf with a maple leaf inside (to the collective embarrassment of Canada) and the phrase "Street Art."

But this was no stealthy operation, a la Banksy. According to local news reports, a police escort and four bodyguards accompanied Bieber on his graffiti spree.

While it's reportedly legal to decorate that particular area of the city, Justin raised the ire of officials by failing to ask for permission. The secretary of government, Guillermo Alonso Jaramillo, called Bieber's artwork a "disgrace" to Bogota.

As for why the police let him wield his spray cans, it seems they were surprised when he stopped to play tagger and felt they needed to protect him.

"I found a new hobby," shared Bieber, along with a photo of his paint-splattered hand.


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