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Is the end of days truly nigh? On Sunday in Los Angeles, LeAnn Rimes enjoyed a friendly moment with her onetime nemesis (and the first Mrs. Eddie Cibrian), Brandi Glanville.

Paparazzi snapped the disturbingly look-alike blondes sharing a blanket as they cheered on Eddie and Brandi's 4-year-old son, Jake, during his first soccer game (their 8-year-old son, Mason, was also in attendance).

LeAnn, 29, as usual, was photo op-ready in cutoff denim short-shorts and a pasted-on smile, while Brandi, 39, who was probably kicking herself that the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" cameras weren't around to capture this historic occasion, opted for white pants, a black tank top, aviator shades and a kicky fedora.

During the game, the ladies appeared to chat civilly as the shutterbugs snapped away. Brandi also exchanged pleasantries (we assume) with her ex-husband, who cozied up to Rimes in what has become their standard public display of paparazzi-captured affection.

"Soooo many paps at Jakes soccer ud think Tom Cruise was playing!!" tweeted Glanville, prompting Twitter-addicted Rimes to respond, "lol sorry, this was funny! Creepy, but they turn pro at four these days. :) Very popular! At least everyone had fun!"

The crooner also enthused, "We all had a blast! It was a peaceful, wonderful day. [Jake] was so cute. His first game was so funny."

This time last year, the top-heavy rivals called for an end to the hostilities, which, you'll recall, began when Eddie and LeAnn started seeing each other while he was still married to Brandi.

"As a collective unit, Brandi and I would like all negativity to cease toward one another," announced Rimes.

But the feud still seemed to be raging as recently as December, when Eddie locked lips with LeAnn at Mason's soccer game while Brandi sat nearby. The two factions reportedly avoided each other.

So, this latest outing represents significant progress, which is a good thing for all involved, especially the kids.

Besides, Brandi doesn't appear to have any regrets about the divorce. When a follower asked, "Do u think Eddie misses u?" she retorted, "no and it doesn't matter cuz I don't."


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